Re: AfterStep Questions ...

Doug Alcorn (
15 Feb 1999 12:55:24 -0500

"Mehul N. Sanghvi" <> writes:

> 'allo,
>     I have AfterStep-1.7.37 built on my Sparc5-solaris2.6 system.  But
> there are some questions I have.  It has been a while since I have
> worked with AfterStep (last I worked with AfterStep was I believe
> 1.4.55n or something).  
> 1.  When I fire up an xterm from my menu, I want to be able to do the
>     placement of the window myself.  I dont want it done for me.
>     Where and how do I change it ?

'man xterm'.  The command line option you are looking for is
-geometry.  This is not an AS issue, rather an xterm issue.

> 2.  The number of colours used up by AS-1.7.37 seems a bit high to
>     me.  Is there a way to control this ?  If I fire up AS-1.7.37,
>     have it open up a couple of xterms, have a pager, a wharf with
>     four buttons and a couple of icons at the bottom,  then the
>     traffic lights in the wharf do not look right at all.

you might check your color depth that you have X running under.  To do 
this, 'xdpyinfo | grep depths'.  You should get a line that reads
'depths(1): 24' (or something similar).  The last number on that line
is the bit depth.  In the example, I am running 24bpp.  I am betting
that you are running 8bpp.

Assuming you can run a higher bit depth, you need to add the line for
DefaultBitDepth into your (assuming you are running XFree86)
/etc/X11/XF86Config.   For more information on how to do this, 'man
XF86Config'.  Again, this is an X issue, not an AS issue.
> 3.  When I deiconfiy something, I would like it to open up in the
>     desktop page I am currently in, not in the original one that the window
>     was iconified.  I use a single Desktop that is 3x2.  If I iconify
>     something in page 1 and move it to page 4 and then deiconify it, i
>     want the window to open up in page 4,  not in page 1 as it currently
>     does. 

look in your ~/GNUstep/Library/AfterStep/feels dir and edit your feel
file.  What you are looking for is the line for "StubbornIcons".
Comment this line out.  If this doesn't make sense to you, read the AS 
FAQ.  It explains how to customize and edit your feel file.  Also, the 
man pages are excellent and exhaustive.  To really take advantage of
all AS can do, you should read the man page.

 (__)  Doug Alcorn
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