Bugs and other PoI's

Stephen Wilson (greywolf@bane.com)
Tue, 16 Feb 1999 11:43:32 -0500

Salutations folks!

	Don't know who to direct this to so I figured I'd
	send it to the list. Just sending out an e-mail
	in regards to "bugs" I've come across as well
	as other points of interest. Please forgive
	me if these have been mentioned in previous postings.

	[ BUGS ]
	WINLIST (btw, love the autohide feature)
	- Using the new gradient feature sometimes results
	  in a repetitive series of small gradients resulting
	  in a number of lines running through the winlist
	  bar rather than a long, smooth gradient when it first
	  starts up (clears up when you do a restart)

	- Does not properly draw the border (if specified)
          around a tile at startup. Draws the border (tile
	  box) only upon clicking on a folder or swallowed
	  app and only for that part of the wharf, not
	  a newly opened series of folders, etc.

	I'm truly sorry if I didn't explain it well enough.
	I can take a snapshot of my desktop screen and
	send it if that'll help. Aside from that, here is
	the pertinent info on my system if it will help in
	the bug fixing:

	Running RedHat 5.2 (kernel 2.2.1 installed by hand
	rather than silly RPM), with XFree86 v3.3.3 and
	AfterStep 1.7.37-4 on a Toshiba Satellite Pro 435CDS

	Anyways, great work on all you've done with AfterStep
	(to those applicable). I've had no real problems
	ever using AfterStep, whether it be compiling and
	installing or running and configuring it. 
	I would, however, like to make a few comments, queries,

CRIT	1. It's getting really annoying to constantly have
	to reconfigure files with each update and install.
	(I love doing it, but it takes up a bit of time)
SUGG	1a. Is it possible to chunk a good portion of the
QUER	settings files into one main file and then have
	some sort of "Settings" module that acts as a 
	go-between between AfterStep and other modules
	for any settings? i.e..
		   MODULE         MODULES
	This might help with ascp development, themes,
	etc. If all changes could be made to the one
	config file or even "through" the "Settings"

QUER	2. Is it possible to change the resolution
  	settings on-the-fly with X? i.e.. 16bpp->8bpp
	or even 800x600 -> 640x480
	If this is possible, would it be possible
	to have the Pager allow one pane at one
	resolution or screen size to be different
	from another. I.E.
        |800x600@16bpp   | 640x480@16bpp |
        |                |               |
        |640x480@8bpp    | etc.          |
	It sounds like something that is dependent on
	X rather than something AfterStep can do. Someone
	please confirm this suspicion.

CRIT	3. I like the new vertical title bar feature alot
SUGG	however, are there any possibilities that someone
	is going to try to code it so that the title is
	displayed sideways rather than just being displayed
	on the side in an up-to-down fashion? Some titles
	in the title bars can be long and it looks a little
	awful with the space between each letter. Regardless,
	good work on this feature!

	Other than that, I've enjoyed using AfterStep and
	hope to continue doing so! I truly believe in the
	phrase, "good things come to those that wait".
	So don't rush the releases guys! And a note to
	all AfterStep advocates, "preach" the good word
	about AfterStep, I'm tired of hearing all about
	WindowMaker. It's nice and all but not really
	making strides like AfterStep is. Good luck in
	all your endeavours, folks!

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