Re: Features inquiry/suggestions

Brad (
Wed, 17 Feb 1999 18:21:16 -0500

Stephen Wilson wrote:
> { This is excerpted from my recent post. Forgive me for
> any ideas or suggestions that may be duplicated from
> other possible posts. }
>         Anyways, great work on all you've done with AfterStep
>         (to those applicable). I've had no real problems
>         ever using AfterStep, whether it be compiling and
>         installing or running and configuring it.
>         I would, however, like to make a few comments, queries,
>         criticisms:
> CRIT    1. It's getting really annoying to constantly have
>         to reconfigure files with each update and install.
>         (I love doing it, but it takes up a bit of time)
> SUGG    1a. Is it possible to chunk a good portion of the
> QUER    settings files into one main file and then have
>         some sort of "Settings" module that acts as a
>         go-between between AfterStep and other modules
>         for any settings? i.e..
>                    MODULE         MODULES
>         This might help with ascp development, themes,
>         etc. If all changes could be made to the one
>         config file or even "through" the "Settings"
>         module.

If you want one big config file, I recommend using .steprc.  .steprc is the old
style Afterstep setup where all configuration options are in one single file. 
Just append all your current config files (including module config files)
together, plus the startmenu in non-configurable into one file to create a
.steprc, then run afterstep with the "-f ~/.steprc" option... with this, you no
longer need to bother with the whole GNUstep dir structure...
> QUER    2. Is it possible to change the resolution
>         settings on-the-fly with X? i.e.. 16bpp->8bpp
>         or even 800x600 -> 640x480
>         If this is possible, would it be possible
>         to have the Pager allow one pane at one
>         resolution or screen size to be different
>         from another. I.E.
>          --------------------------------
>         |800x600@16bpp   | 640x480@16bpp |
>         |                |               |
>         |----------------|---------------|
>         |640x480@8bpp    | etc.          |
>         |________________|_______________|
>         It sounds like something that is dependent on
>         X rather than something AfterStep can do. Someone
>         please confirm this suspicion.

X doesn't allow this.

> CRIT    3. I like the new vertical title bar feature alot
> SUGG    however, are there any possibilities that someone
>         is going to try to code it so that the title is
>         displayed sideways rather than just being displayed
>         on the side in an up-to-down fashion? Some titles
>         in the title bars can be long and it looks a little
>         awful with the space between each letter. Regardless,
>         good work on this feature!

This has been looked into... turning the text was a bit expensive on the CPU,
but is being looked into to see if it can be done effeciently...

>         Other than that, I've enjoyed using AfterStep and
>         hope to continue doing so! I truly believe in the
>         phrase, "good things come to those that wait".
>         So don't rush the releases guys! And a note to
>         all AfterStep advocates, "preach" the good word
>         about AfterStep, I'm tired of hearing all about
>         WindowMaker. It's nice and all but not really
>         making strides like AfterStep is. Good luck in
>         all your endeavours, folks!