RE: Features inquiry/suggestions

Bruce Richardson (
Thu, 18 Feb 1999 00:17:37 -0000

Stephen Wilson wrote:
> SUGG    1a. Is it possible to chunk a good portion of the
> QUER    settings files into one main file and then have
>         some sort of "Settings" module that acts as a
>         go-between between AfterStep and other modules
>         for any settings? i.e..
>                    MODULE         MODULES
>         This might help with ascp development, themes,
>         etc. If all changes could be made to the one
>         config file or even "through" the "Settings"
>         module.

Having one big file would make things more cumbersome, not less.  It 
certainly wouldn't help with something like ascp - different parts of AS 
evolve at different rates and this would be harder to track with a 
monolithic config file.  Given the default behaviour of AS, where local 
settings block global ones, it is a lot easier to decide which 
features/functions should be common to all users and which configurable if 
you have separate files (it's also easier for the developers).

Another approach would be to have a master list of _all_ settings listing 
for _each_ whether it a) always took the global value b) could be blocked 
by a local value or c) only took the local value if no global value is 
defined.  Don't think any developer is going to thank me for suggesting 
that and I _don't_ mean it seriously.