RE: WinList / Transparent Pixmaps (1.7.37)

Vidar Hoel (
Thu, 18 Feb 1999 14:56:41 +0100

>| In any case, as of 1.7.37 patch 5, WinList uses the MyStyle code (for 
>| configuration, and for drawing), so this should no longer be a problem.
>Okay, sorry if this is a bit of a newbie question, but how do I apply
>patches?  I have the source code and the patches sitting waiting, but I
>don't know which directory the patches are supposed to be in before
>applying them.  Never used patch before :(
>I have read the man page for patch but it didn't really help...

Lets say you have your AS dir in /usr/src
If so, put your patches there, so when 'ls /usr/src' is executed, you will see atleast:
..and so one...

If you look at the top of the first patch-file, it assumes to dirs. If I remeber correct (dosn't have Linux here at work)
the dirs are AfterStep-current, and AfterStep-current2.
Those dir's represent what the old/current dir is called (AfterStep-current) and what the 'new'/patched dir is called (AfterStep-current2) The only dir of your consern is AfterStep-current, because that is the dir the patch is looking for. So, since you have a dir called AfterStep-1.7.37 (I assume, so change what has to be changed) , you need to either rename it or make a symlink. Lets make a symlink:
ln -s AfterStep-1.7.37 AfterStep-current
If you don't know what symlink does, type ln -l AfterStep* and enter those to two dirs. Explore for yourself!

Ok. Now, lets patch:
patch -p0 < 'patchfile'

type 'man patch' to figure out what the -p0 is..

Well.. That was the first file. 
All the other patch-files are also looking for AfterStep-current, so you don't need changing the name of the AfterStep-1.7.37 dir, but its best to do it when you are all through. But if you change the name of the AfterStep-1.7.37 dir, you also need to update the symlink: 'ln -sf AfterStep-1.3.** AfterStep-current'

(Other patchfiles, ie GTK+ and GLIB are not looking GTK+-current, but are looking for GTK+-1.*.*, so there you need to change the dir-name for each patch you aplay)

Hope you understand and get it working, and hope you don't flame me bacause of my bad english!

>| > 2.  Can't get balloons on Winlist...

One question:
What is balloons? What are they good for? I have never seen a balloon in AfterStep? Or.. ??

-- Vidar Hoel