GNUstep directory, why?

Albert Schueller (
Thu, 18 Feb 1999 18:46:03 -0800

Being the anal retentive individual that I am, I don't like being able to
see my config files etc during ordinary file listings.  The GNUstep tree
sitting there in my home director offends my sensibilities, so the first
thing I do when a new version of afterstep comes out is compile it so that
by default the config files are in ~/.GNUstep.

I'm totally satisfied and this note isn't really a complaint, but why does
afterstep have this major directory tree thing for its configuration?  Is
it in preparation for some hypothetical future common desktop standard
or something?  If so, am I going to run into trouble if (when) other apps
start using this config tree?  Can somebody shed some light on this?



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