RE: Something to be added to the wish list.

Richard Rose (
Thu, 25 Feb 1999 14:37:01 -0000

I implemented this as an AfterStep module, for testing purposes.  

Wow! Already?!? Or had you already thought about it?

really slow, and would need more work to be usable (eg, the Wharf 
probably shouldn't be faded).  Rafal has said he might be interested in 
developing it further, when he has WinList in better shape.  

It sounds good to me.

I can send you the test code, if you'd like.

Yes please. I would also appreciate a hint as how to install the module,
as this would be a first for me. Thanks.

This sort of thing is really high on the eye candy, and not much else 

True, sickly sweet eye candy, at that.

had I not been bored, I wouldn't have bothered. :)  Perhaps the E people

would be more enthusiastic?

They may well be. I am also testing E at the moment. If you don't mind,
I'd like to pass the code on to the E people. If you'd prefer I didn't,
then can I pass the ideas on to them?

I am currently compiling a Linux distribution with a few friends, with
the intent on ease of setup, and niceness to use. We will be giving a
choice of WM's, but both qt and GTK (probably GTK+ and glGDK too) will
be installed. We would like to provide KDE, fvwm, fvwm2, fvwm95,
AfterStep, and GNOME with Enlightenment choices, which the users can
choose between in their .xinitrc files, which can be chosen from a text
mode menu. I am talking to the people at GNOME and at Enlightenment
about liscences, and I would appreciate some feedback about them. The
distribution will be available via ftp or CD (at cost), and I was
wondering about liscences of software. Is there any restriction on
AfterStep or it's libraries that would prevent distribution as I
described it?

I would appreciate any feedback.

My project is in the very early stages, at the moment. Currently, we
have a bootable base set, and are converting to System V init, instead
of BSD init. The project page, if you feel like following/contributing
is included in my sig block.

Richard Rose  -  MRMJ Project