Re: A bug in WinList since AS 1.7.37?

Thadeu Penna (
Thu, 25 Feb 1999 12:22:56 +0000 (/etc/localtime)

On 25 Feb, Rafal Wierzbicki wrote:
>  It is a bug in WinList, the module is going through some radical changes, 
>  so please bear with me.  Another thing is, if there any suggestions as to 
>  what WinList should look like, do, etc please let me know. 

Since you give me this chance:
a) the buttons in WinList could have an option for space between
them, like in the Titlebar. I think they are going to look like real
buttons, in this way. 
b) RightJustify. 
c) DeskInformation ? which desk this window actually is.   
d) Popup Menus 

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