Re: A bug in WinList since AS 1.7.37?

Brad (
Thu, 25 Feb 1999 13:02:52 -0500

Bruce Richardson wrote:
> >Another thing is, if there any suggestions as to
> >what WinList should look like, do, etc please let me know.
> I hate making that kind of suggestion when I know it's proposing a lot of
> work for people, work I'm not yet able to help with, being relatively new
> to Linux.  OK, though:  I usually turn Winlist off in autoexec as I find it
> an annoyance.  The ability to drag it out of the way (sticking to the edge
> of the screen, like the Win95 task bar) would be handy.  Other than that,
> keep it simple, I suppose.  I don't like to suggest a start button,
> although it might be useful for people using dfm or similar  - and anyway,
> it just occurs to me that if I wanted one I could probably simulate it with
> asexec or something.

Winlist can be moved to the side, and even has an autohide feature.  You can see
some ideas for this in my screenshots at