Newbie w/ Afterstep 1.6.10-1

Will James Childress (
Sun, 28 Feb 1999 09:16:28 PST

Hello all, I am a new Linux user. I have Red Hat 5.2, which I believe it 
came with Afterstep 1.5. That is what says in the installation book.

Well, anyway, I was at and they had an update RPM for 
Afterstep. 1.6.10-1, I downloaded the i386 rpm.

I then used glint and selected the package then I hit update. Everything 
worked fine there, but then I noticed I could not exit out of Afterstep 
thru conventional means, So I used the "close this session" menu 
item..that worked.

I rebooted, then typed startx. fvwm95 started . Confused I started glint 
and went to see where the files went.

I read the README files, and found out , I was supposed to delete every 
piece of the old Afterstep before installing the new one.

oops, well, so I went back got rif of Aferstep 1.5 Apps, and Afterstep 
1.5. I then went back to my Afterstep 1.6.10-1 and this time I used the 
install feature instead of the update feature.

Well now when you type startx, it ALMOST looks as if it is going to 

The grey screen starts with a the black X in the center, then just as 
Afterstep should start, it quits and goes back to the console screen. 
Where there is a little note that says

>>afterstep command not found<<

I then typed 

pico .xinitrc

where all that is in there is


, so I have changed that with FVWM , so I can use the net, but where is 
this command file, so I can make Afterstep work, or what should I do now 
to get it to work.

I appreciate all the knowledge and wisdom I can get

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