Afterstep is alive, It's Alive!!

Will James Childress (
Sun, 28 Feb 1999 10:29:30 PST

Hey everybody! Thanks alot that got it working

I used the 

echo "/usr/local/bin/afterstep" > ~/.xinitrc


Ok , I do not know how to change the path, like the both of you 
suggested. I am only 3 weeks into Linux.

Also I noticed that when I tried to change the background and feel, 
nothing happened, then when I logged out of Afterstep

there were the following messages

Can't open /usr/share/afterstep/backgrounds/black.xpm
Can't open /usr/share/afterstep/feels/autoraise

If I change the path , will that cure these ills?
 How do I change the path?

When I restarted Afterstep, the choices in the start menu for background 
and feel are now no longer there.

Where did they go? Are they temorarily unavailable since Afterstep can 
not locate them? How do I get them back?

Your help is so much appreciated
Will James

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