Re: A few config questions from an AfterStep neophyte

Coplan (
Sun, 28 Feb 1999 14:35:06 -0500 (EST)

On Sun, 28 Feb 1999, Josh Glover wrote:

> 1) Is there any way to turn off the mouse wraparound feature?
I assume you mean the edgescrolling?  You'll have to edit your feel files.
I personally use feel.ClickToFocus, so I would edit that file.  Whatever
file you use, edit that file, and find the line that says "EdgeScroll 100
100" (actually, the numbers may be different).  If you comment out that
line, that should solve your problem.

> 2) Can one run the Pager and Wharf but have them not on top of other
> windows?
One solution is to not load the Pager through the autoexec file.  Comment
out the two lines where it calls the Pager, then edit your wharf file.  By
default, there are lines in there calling for your pager to be swallowed
into the wharf.  If you uncomment those lines, it should be in your wharf.
Then it won't cover up your other programs.

Your other option is to find the 'Style "*Pager" ....' line in your
database file.  Remove the part where it says "StaysOnTop" and change it
to "StaysOnBack".  The problem with this is that it sortof defeats the
purpose, considering you gotta move windows around to get to your pager.
Does anyone know of any other options? 

> 3) How do you browse your directories and files in the GUI? I found a 
> File Manager menu option in Applications/Office, but it doesn't do
> anything
Check the way the file is calling your filemanager, and make sure that the
program not only exists, but is called properly.  In my case, I had to go
find a new filemanager (  <-- that is a good


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