JPG background disappears

Josh Glover (
Sun, 28 Feb 1999 16:50:20 -0500

Thanks to rapid responses from this list, I have been able to get almost
everything configured to my liking.  However, a few problems remain, and
a few others have cropped up.

1) If I remove the pager from my autoexec, my JPG background will not
2) My mouse still scrolls happily onto the next desktop.  I tried
commenting out the EdgeScroll 100 100 line in my feel file (say that a
few times rapidly!), but it continued to scroll.  Following a different
suggestion, I changed EdgeResistance 200 80 to a very high number (1000
1000) and set EdgeScroll 0.  This stopped the scrolling, but also
stopped all of my window control buttons from working. (ie I cannot
minimise or windowshade, only exit)  I changed the file back to the
original, and the scrolling recommenced, but the window buttons still
don't work.  So I changed to a different feel.