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Dave LaMothe (
Mon, 01 Feb 1999 22:25:21 -0500 (EST)


I have to admit I also found the instructions a bit misleading. It wasn't
untill reading the Wharf man page that I got clued in. The link business is
clear enough, but here's the funky part from the FAQ:

" would add extra lines to the Wharf configuration file (or new
section in a .steprc) for the new binary name:

Well there simply is no *binary* ~/G/L/A/mywharf. My first guess was to create a
separate "mywharf" config file under ~/G/L/A/ which the
FAQ seems to suggest. In other words, two Wharfs, two config files. I think
what needs to be explict, however you choose to word it, is that the same
config file controls however many instances of the Wharf one may have, and that
the lines in the config file must correspond to symliked name of the binary.
Then an appropriate (and useful) example might include a mix such as:

*WharfGeometry             -0+0     
*MyWharfGeometry        -0-0

Then maybe you'll never ever ever get a "multiple Wharf" question ever again
<g>. (...yeah in your dreams..).  :-)

(philosophy rules!)

On 01-Feb-99 Andrew Sullivan wrote:
> On Mon, 1 Feb 1999, Marc Eisenbarth wrote:
>> I'm trying to create another wharf bar, and I can't seem to follow the
>> method presented in the Afterstep FAQ. Can anyone give me more specific
>> directions and maybe an example wharf file?
> First, _please_ tell me what's unclear in the FAQ, so that I can improve
> it.  (You've looked at the latest FAQ, right?  I've tried to make this
> clearer, but I don't know what people are finding confusing.)
> You need two things:
> 1.    A second version of the Wharf binary, and one which does not start
> out "Wharf".  So, "MyWharf" is fine, but "Wharf2" is not.  (Does anyone
> know for sure if this is still true?)  A link from "MyWharf" to "Wharf"
> will work.
> 2.    The relevant lines _in your ~G/L/A/wharf file_ for configuring the
> second Wharf.  So, for stuff in MyWharf, you'd add lines starting with
> "*MyWharf".
> You'll likely also want to copy the line in your database that configures
> the Wharf, and replace "Wharf" with "MyWharf".
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