New mailing list for AS development

Doug Alcorn (
02 Feb 1999 09:02:31 -0500

This is a public announcement of a new mailing list specificly for
AfterStep development discussion.  Today, there is a handfull of us
that send personal email for notification of patches, discussion of
issues, and development strategies.

I have setup a Majordomo listserver for afterstep-devel.  This list
will serve to facilitate these development discussions.  It is not a
user list.  AfterStep usage and bug reporting will still occur on the
main mailing list.

Right now, the majordomo is sending me all requests for approval.
Please do not let that discourage you from subscribing.  I have no
intention of rejecting anyone from the list.  If you would like to
take part in the actual development of AfterStep, please subscribe to
the list.  Hopefully, this list will allow us to better coordinate

Send a message to with the line

		  subscribe afterstep-devel [you@your.domain.something]

The square brackets around the email denote that including the email
address is optional.  If left out, it will be taken from your From:


 (__)  Doug Alcorn
 oo /