updating the start menu after deleting /start/Desktop

Patrick Hyland (pbh@iafrica.com)
Mon, 1 Feb 1999 16:53:21 +0200 (SAST)


I feel like a bity of an idiot after deleting the update portion of
the start menu in my attempt to create one simple menu without any levels.

I am not able to update the start menu now through afterstep as the update
option no longer exists. I have restored all the default start files to
my home directory, but of course, afterstep is not commiting them.

Thought I could perhaps issue a command from a bash prompt, but I was
presented with this which neither I nor my shell understands :-)

[pbh@paradox] ~/GNUstep/Library/AfterStep/start/Desktop $ less 5_updatestart 
QuickRestart "Update startmenu" startmenu

Is there any way to restore the start menu without re-installing AS


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