Re: transparency

Jeff Jadwin (
Fri, 05 Feb 1999 12:57:23 +0000

Start aterm as follows:  aterm -tr -tint -bg red &

You could of course use any color you want as the background tint.  Also,
some background colors look better with a different -fg color such as
white.  Issue a 'man aterm' command for more datails.  It's all explained
in the man page.  You should read it.


jack wallen wrote:

> hello,
> i was just curious...i use eterm to do psudo transparencies with AS
> 1.6.6 and i've noticed on some of the screen shots that the shading is
> done with a different 'color'.  how is this done that i can can, say for
> instance, do transparencies with a red or purple or orange etc shade?
> or is it?
> thanks for the help!