Re: TrueType on X

Tomas Duewiger (
05 Feb 1999 18:32:23 +0100

Andrew Sullivan <> writes:

> Further to my earlier remarks about TTF on X, I went and actually looked
> through the docs for XFree86  As far as I can see, the TTF server
> is not actually part of XFree after all (as I had been lead to believe).
> Sorry, but I was wrong.
> There is, nevertheless, an extensive discussion of the options at

For all RedHat users it might be of interest that there is a version of
XFree86 with TTF support out. The rpm's of RedHat are damaged (or were
when I grabbed them) and xfs, the font server wasn't working. 
there are fixed rpm's with TTF support, xfs is working with that ones and
with TT fonts.


Tomas Duewiger