Re: xfstt

Andre Oliveira da Costa (
Fri, 05 Feb 1999 20:22:57 -0200

Marc Eisenbarth wrote:
> I downloaded the program, and installed it, but I'm having a hard time invoking
> it. The FAQ
> suggests starting it up using xcoral... does this program set the window fonts to
> the new (TTF) font??  I can't find xcoral on my system, and I was wondering if I
> needed it find it in order to get this thing to work.

No, xcoral is a text editor, and AFAIK it's not part of a "basic" Linux
installation (so it might not be installed on your system). The FAQ
suggests using it just to test xfstt, but you don't need it to make
xfstt work -- you could use xfontsel for this task; it should be
installed by default with X-Windows on your system. 

There's a lot of info in the FAQ, make sure you read it thoroughly. If,
after that, you're still unable to make xfstt work, please let me know,
I'll be glad to try to help. I do think, however, this is off-topic to
this list, so send the messages directly to me.


Andre Oliveira da Costa