Re: colormapping

Julie O'Donnell (jod@Rational.Com)
Mon, 1 Feb 1999 10:32:12 -0500


I played a bunch of games with the X server
trying to get 16bpp depth. no luck
the /etc/X11/X0screens file is where to
set it (i think)... claims to be at least.
the X server doesnt complain about it all...
even lists it in the startup log... BUT
i still end up with 8bpp depth and AS claims
that's all my hardware will support.

if i run xcolormap in HP-VUE I get tons
of colors... in AS - i get greys and tans, plus
a few colors.

not sure what the deal is....

let me know if you need any of the libraries
though cause i collected a lot of bits and pieces
in my attempts to get it all working. :-)

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Date: Monday, February 01, 1999 9:57 AM
Subject: Re: colormapping

:If you do a man on xrdb, you'll find a option called CLASS. I believe that
:is where the color mapping is. You'll have to do something with your
:.Xdefaults file and add that in.
:But I believe that is where to begin for the HPs. Let me know if it works.
:I am in the process of getting AS complied on my HP workstation.
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