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Mark Macumber (
Thu, 11 Mar 1999 08:08:15 -0500

I too consider Enlightenment a pig and v15 was not fun to install (pretty to
look at though). I like AfterStep (that's why I'm checking this list)
because I didn't have to screw with CVS or finding sources to install it.

Lately I am using KDE. I don't care for the default teal background but it
seems to rip off CDE and Win95 well enough to be a legitimate desktop GUI
that could rival Microslop. It also doesn't burp like some of my other
Windows Managers and is mostly configurable within the GUI.

Having said all of that, I still am rooting for the GNOME guys and keep my
finger on the pulse.

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Andrew Sullivan wrote:
>I have no idea what wmconfig does with GNOME and E, and sort of don't want

Having just installed GNOME 1.0 to test it I can tell you that the GNOME
panel puts all the wmconfig menus tidily in a 'Red Hat menus' menu and then
gets on with its own stuff.  Since RH are major contributors to GNOME, I
detect a major mistake being oh-so-quietly worked around.

I would call Enlightenment a pig but that's too robust a word.  Which
version of AS works with that GNOME patch?