Re: Back to AfterStep
Thu, 11 Mar 1999 10:11:11 -0800 (PST)

On 10 Mar, Andrew Sullivan wrote:

> This is different, of course, if you use Red Hat.  I have no idea what
> wmconfig does with GNOME and E, and sort of don't want to.  (My suggestion
> in that case is to remove wmconfig from your system, and config X the way
> God intended you to.  But for an alternate view, see the FAQ.)

Just a little note: wmconfig only configures the start menu in window
managers, albeit poorly. You build a set of files in [X11path]/wmconfig
that look like
[application] group
[application] icon
[application] mini-icon
etc. Then it's supposed to parse it out for whatever wm you choose, ex:
prompt# wmconfig=afterstep (or =windowmaker, etc)

I agree with you, it's a crappy utility and a crappy way to run things.
However, it's a "dependent" package with the RH5.x releases; if you ask
for ANY windowmanager, it insists on installing this too. The FAQ is
still correct on how to get out from under it: take any reference to
wmconfig out of your .xinitrc

Thanks for all the great work you do for AS!