Wharf-ish question.

P. J. Bolle (brutal.truth@home.com)
Tue, 16 Mar 1999 15:04:28 -0700 (MST)

	This is a little something I've been wrestling with, both in
trying to make it work, and in trying to figure out if it's AS-related
enough to post. If I'm in error, and this is in fact more app than AS,
my apologies in advance; conversely, my thanks in advance as well.

	I'm running AS 1.6.10, and my problem (I believe) is in
Wharf's ability to get the Mount.app applet to swallow. Has anyone
been successful in doing this? I originally thought it was a size
issue, as Mount.app is physically larger (if only by a bit) than most
of my other apps. I grabbed wmmount for comparison (since it is
documented Mount.app is an expansion on wmmount), found it worked, and
then noticed it was exactly the same size. I'd use wmmount, but it
doesn't have all the features Mount.app does, and those are why I wish
an applet of this sort in the Wharf anyway.

	If anyone can assist me on this, I'd appreciate it. I really
would like the use of this applet, and I can't find any documentation
that says if/how it should work for me.

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