Re: Wharf-ish question

Rene Maurer (
Wed, 17 Mar 1999 09:35:33 +0800

At 17:44 16-03-99 -0500, you wrote:
>I have a problem with my Wharf CD-Player apps (It's actually WMCD or
>something like that written for WM -- but it doesn't seem to be a WM
>problem).  Here's the CD-Players only work if I'm logged in
>as Root.  BUT (and I'm sure you all know why) I don't like to be logged in
>as root.  I have an idea that for some reason I don't have my accesses to
>my device directories set right.  how should I change the mode of
>/dev/cdrom so that the average user has access to it (and mount access for
>that matter).
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I got stuck with the same problem and received the following advise from

do a chmod 777 /dev/cdrom and chmod 777 /dev/dsp as root this will give
you permission to use the cdrom to play cds. If this does not work just
let me know i will look at what else i might have done to get this to
Aaron M. Theriault


For me, it solved the problem.


Rene Maurer