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Wed, 17 Mar 1999 19:22:51 +0900 (KST)

Le 17-Mar-99 Ethan racontais : 
>  On Wed, 17 Mar 1999 wrote:
> > I'm afraid configuration is a major issue here : wharf add/remove buttons,
> > pager and winlist geometry, autoexec/.workspace_state, database.
> > We really need an unified config panel (or a config suite in tcl/tk) !!!
> > Ascp
> > look good but doesn't handle everything, is a pre-beta version since ages
> > (only
> > one guy working on it is not enough, only one project is perhaps not enough
> > too) and still buggy (last version I tried messed my wharf's folders). AS
> > 1.7.4x now allows on-the-fly config modifs, that's good but we can't wait
> > for
> > the next stable version to begin this stuff.
>  You are welcome to work on such an editor, although there is no guarantee 

Of course ;-)) If so I'll don't look after an official support. I'm afraid I'm
too new on X to do it : I just bought an X book and a Tcl/Tk book I still have
to read. Tcl/Tk would be my choice, but ascp is very advanced so I'd perhaps
give a hand on it ?

>  it would be officially supported.  I'd suggest getting in touch with 
>  Nwanua and helping with ascp - he's always looking for more programmers!

I can have a look, but I'm not so good looking at other's huge C code.
Ascp looks very good, but I have some troubles compiling it with my gtk+libs. I
never had it work like the screenshots on the page. I only tried it by an old
rpm I found.
I also miss a good IDE on my 4 weeks new linux : what do you use ?

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Date: 17-Mar-99
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