Re: Linux Journal cover [Re: Limited # of users [was Re: Buttons
Wed, 17 Mar 1999 18:56:04 +0900 (KST)

> ! Fellow afterstep users, don't yell at me for this...but the following is
> ! true.  Afterstep is used by a limited number of linux users.  
> ! 
> ! Coplan                                    /"\     

I'm afraid configuration is a major issue here : wharf add/remove buttons,
pager and winlist geometry, autoexec/.workspace_state, database.
We really need an unified config panel (or a config suite in tcl/tk) !!! Ascp
look good but doesn't handle everything, is a pre-beta version since ages (only
one guy working on it is not enough, only one project is perhaps not enough
too) and still buggy (last version I tried messed my wharf's folders). AS
1.7.4x now allows on-the-fly config modifs, that's good but we can't wait for
the next stable version to begin this stuff.

Date: 17-Mar-99
Time: 17:55:47