ATerm question

Daniel Clausen (
Wed, 17 Mar 1999 14:19:34 +0100


I have a problem with aterm and my shell.

aterm: aterm version 0.3.4e from 23 February 99
shell: zsh-3.1.5

The problem is the following: Let's say I'm in aterm and
use filename completion. (Note: filename-completion in
zsh is done with tab) After pressing tab the filename is
there and I'm happy. But now I try to jump to the beginning
of the line. (with ctrl-a [emacs keybinding]) Instead of
doing this it just writes an 'a'. So it seems to ignore
the fact that I pressed ctrl.
But when I use the backspace-key to delete the last char
and THEN use ctrl-a to jump, then everything works fine.

Note that in a normal xterm this problem does not arise.
Did anyone experience something similar or have an idea
where the problem might be?

I looked at the terminal settings with 'stty -a' and they
are equal. A difference is the env-variable TERMCAP though.
It's not set in aterm. (That's prolly also the reason why
I can't use the numerical pad anymore)

I hope this is not "too off-topic" for this list. :)
Any hints appreciated!


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