Re: which look/feel?

Daniel Clausen (
Wed, 17 Mar 1999 16:53:27 +0100


> > Hm.. maybe I didn't understand your question then..
> > I mean.. if you choose "look.foobar", then it picks
> > the file "look.foobar". look.DEFAULT is just a name
> > as far as I know.
> right.
> but, what about on startup?
> or on Update All   ?

On startup it chooses the look/feel file you chose last time.
On "update all" it only parses the look-/feel-directory for
files and creates the appropriate look/feel menu.

Note: when you choose a look/feel, afterstep internally makes
a copy of it and stores it in the non-configurable/ directory.
So, next time afterstep starts up, it just uses the look/feel
files in this non-configurable/ directory.


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