Re: which look/feel?

David Mihm (
Wed, 17 Mar 1999 16:28:12 -0600 (CST)

On Wed, 17 Mar 1999, Daniel Clausen wrote:

! There are 2 places where feel files are stored.
! (a) ~/GNUstep/Library/AfterStep/feels/<feel-file>
! (b) (INSTALL_DIR)/share/afterstep/feels/<feel-file>
! The INSTALL_DIR is the directory where the afterstep-stuff is
! installed. If you compiled the package it's the '--prefix' that
! you specified. If you didn't specify it or used an rpm, it's
! prolly somewhere in /usr/local/.
! Now, what happens if you "update all" or "update startmenu" from
! afterstep: First, afterstep looks for some feel files in place (a).
! If there are none, afterstep looks for some feel files in place (b).
! If you choose a feel (with Start->Desktop->Feel), the approriate
! file will be used. Note that when you intend to change a feel-file,
! it's a good idea to first copy it from (a) to (b) and then make
! the changes. This way the system-wide installation of afterstep
! won't be affected.
! I hope my explanation didn't confuse you more than it helped.
! I guess I'd be a bad doc-writer. ;) If I said something wrong,
! please correct me.
! cu,
!  -sargon

	The majority of the post is incorrect!
AfterStep initially starts up, make a ~/G/L/A/n-c/ dir where it loads the
/u/l/s/a/n-c/ dir into tis userspace n-c/; that n-c/ contains the default
files for:
	the Background image (Back.xpm)
	the look (look.DEFAULT)
	the feel (feel.DEFAULT)

when you select 'Update all'; the files which were last selected (or the
default ones) are reread from the ~/G/L/A/n-c/. NEVER is the n-c/ dir to
be edited and NEVER is a real feel/look read from outside this n-c/ dir.
Likewise, an 'Update startmenu' ONLY reloads the start/ dir.  If this
start/ dir exists in ~/G/L/A/ it is read from there, otherwise it is read
from /u/l/s/a/start/.

	I hope this clears up the incorrect information posted above.

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