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Damien McIntosh (
Thu, 18 Mar 1999 09:27:03 +1000

To the list,

I too need to change the foreground color of nxterm from the
non-configurable startmenu.

I need to run X at 8bit color due to exporting Firewall policy editors
to my desktop. The foreground color for nxterm is set at peachpuff. Go

However I have limited colors and this is stuffing up the exported
display. I need to set the fg color to white.

So how can you change the non-configurable startmenu? 
I know you can set up your own entries for terminals in start dir of
~/G/L/A/start but then the entries for terminals appear at the bottom of
the startmenu not in the middle with the other terminal entries from the
non-configurable section.

I was going for a clean look to the menu. I have enough entries on it as
it is.

So any ideas?

BTW I'm runing RedHat 5.2 on intel, with all errata installed. I believe
the version of AfterStep is the one that comes standard with RedHat.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

New World Society wrote:
> Hi:
> I've been trying to change the way the Terms Load Into My Desktop. I'd
> like to set the parameters -fn 10x20 at the terms but when i change the
> file ~/G/L/A/non-configurable/startmenu, nothing happens with the
> terminals, and when i restart the file is unchanged.
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