Upgrading to AfterStep 1.6.10?

Damien McIntosh (citecdam@citec.qld.gov.au)
Thu, 18 Mar 1999 09:33:16 +1000

To the list,

I'm running the standard AfterStep that came with RedHat 5.2 for intel.

I would love to upgrade to version 1.6.10 using the rpm package.

Can anyone please point me in the direction of info on how best to do
the upgrade.

Currently the afterstep dir is in /usr/share/afterstep. I believe the
rpm package places this into /usr/local/share/afterstep.

How do I upgrade using the RPM package? I don't want to lose any of the
startmenu entries that I have added.

I have done a test upgrade on a machine I had at home however AfterStep
refused to work after the upgrade.

Do I remove the AfterStep RPM before installing the latest version RPM?

Any help and ideas would be appreciated.


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