Re: AfterStep 1.6.10-1 Backgrounds question / problem

Doug Alcorn (
18 Mar 1999 21:04:15 -0500

cajun <> writes:

> I just upgraded RH5.2 version of AfterStep to AfterStep 1.6.10-1.  After
> finally getting the RedHat "modifications" resolved, my custom
> backgrounds that I've copied to /usr/local/share/afterstep/backgrounds
> no longer works.  The original custom files there were .jpg files.  They
> do not appear in the menus at all.  I've tried converting the files to
> .xpm files, with no luck at all.
> What have I missed here ?

Probably the header files for the jpeg libraries.  Using a precomiled
binary would not need the header files.  However, if you compile it
from source, you will need all the *devel*rpms.  I think this is in
the README.RedHat.

 (__)  Doug Alcorn
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