Concerning aterm
Fri, 19 Mar 99 06:37:29 -0500

First, my question:
Is there a way to get aterm to run in a borderless window?  Without a 
menubar or the edges, so it appears to be text on the desktop?

I couldn't help this after reading the previous lengthy thread.  I use 
Eterm, and found it difficult to compile and a huge resource hog.  
Luckily, I have many resources so this is not a big issue.

I was thrilled to see aterm developed, and I think it is a far superior 
terminal; simple install and it appears to use no more resouces then 
xterm, even when transparent.  And yes, many cool features.  Very 
impressive indeed.  My deepest respect to the creator (would this be 
Sasha?  My apologies for bad memory)

The only reason I still use Eterm is for the borderless window.  I like 
to run top in the top left of my screen and with Eterm it looks like the 
text is part of the desktop.  Its fun to impress simplton M$ users with 
this feature. oh, and it looks cool.  Can't figure out how to do this 
with aterm though.  When I do, no more Eterm.  Its just as resource 
hungry as the WM it comes from, all show, no go.  (Enlightenment for 
those not in the know, pardon the pun)