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Andrew Sullivan (
Sun, 21 Mar 1999 15:56:40 -0500 (EST)

Hi all,

I got a message from ishamael about the FAQ.  Since My mail server is
currently choking on the return address, and since this is of interest to
everyone anyway, I thought I'd post my remarks here:

---begin remarks---

On Sat, 20 Mar 1999, ishamael wrote:

> Whats the word on the FAQ?  Still working on it?  It really needs to be
> updated?  Need help?

It _does_ really need to be updated.  Here's the deal:

I was trying to move to SGMLtools 2.0.  This version dumps the Linuxdoc
DTD for the (apparently more standard) DocBook DTD.  The transition was
supposed to be trivial.

As it turns out, the transition involves re-coding everything.  I was in
the middle of this when I got hired for a new job.  So, I've been just
buried in work.

As a result, I haven't been able to work on the FAQ recently.  If you want
to take over, I certainly don't mind.  Or, if you just have a bunch of
stuff you want added _right now_, and can write it up (even if it's not
marked up), I'll mark it up, insert it, and put out a new FAQ (with you as
co-author).  I was hoping I'd be able to do it this weekend, but no go.
(Having a job means needing to get to work, which means I needed my car
back on the road.  Ever tried relying on a car which was parked for two
years?  Hint: don't.)

FWIW, in a month's time, I expect to be able to turn my attention back to
all the stuff I've been neglecting.  But that's a mighty long time for the
FAQ to wait, especially since it's already out of date.

Let me know.  I'd welcome any help.


---end remarks---

Several people have sent me some suggested insertions.  I'm happy to add
all of this, and plan to.  But actually writing chunks is just not going
to happen in the near future.  So, I suggest that anyone who has _any_
additions to make let me know what they are.  _Please_ don't send me
comments about how I ought to say something about xyz.  I won't be doing
any composition for at least a month.  But I _do_ want to contribute, so
I'm happy to act as a clearing-house and SGML mark-up provider (unless
someone else desires terribly to completely take over -- I certainly don't
mind being replaced if it's better for development!).  If you have
questions and answers you want to provide, send 'em to me.  Use the
boilerplate below:


<sect1>[insert question here]

[insert answer here]


Note that the <p> _goes on another line_.  That's one of the major
stumbling-blocks for the SGMLtools conversion (the old version dealt with
the tags differently).

Of course, if someone volunteers to take over completely, I'll forward
anything I get for an indefinite period.  _Please_ don't volunteer if you
can't keep up with it.  I feel terrible about how far behind the FAQ is
right now, but I'd rather know it's under slow development than to have it
languish because someone loses interest.

I apologise to everyone for the current state of the FAQ.  As I said
above, I should get some more time some time in the next month.  By the
way, I will _not_ publish this FAQ as a DocBook version.  I doubt very
much we'll mekae the October deadline, but in spite of the threats on the
SGMLtools page, the SGMLtools users on the SGMLtools list seem to think
that v. 1.0 has a long future.  So I'm no longer worried.


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