Re: transparent aterm

Doug Alcorn (
21 Mar 1999 19:09:28 -0500

Enzo Marinari <> writes:

> Hi!
> I compiled aterm 3.4 on Digital Unix. It compiled fine after 
> standard ./configure, with no problems. When I start it (not under
> Afterstep, but under the standard Digital Unix WM) as soon as I move it on
> the screen it crashes with a silent Segmentation fault core dump. This
> happens both if I start it with -tr and if I do not (but I understand this
> is the default, so no surprise here). 

All of the pseudo-trans terms require that the root window background
setting program define a property in X.  The Enlightenment WM started
this, and because of how cool it was Sasha added it to AfterStep's
pager.  Originally, Eterm came bundled with an Esetroot that could be
used for a generic image loader that would set the properties

My advice to you would be to either run AfterStep (probably the
coolest option since I am guessing not many of your co-workers run
AS), or get Esetroot from the Eterm distrobution.

 (__)  Doug Alcorn
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