Re: New feature proposal & transparent aterm

Geoff Wing (
Mon, 22 Mar 1999 15:55:25 +1100

Doug Alcorn <> typed about "Re: New feature proposal"
:Andre Oliveira da Costa <> writes:
:> can't remember how far it went, but here's my proposal: what if we could
:> change the foreground color on unfocused aterms? This way we could set
:> it to a darker color, for example, to keep unfocused windows from
:> getting as much attention as the focused one.
:This would be cool.  However, it would be tricky interaction between
:the WM and aterm.  I don't think the term itself (correct me, Ethan or 
:Sasha, if I am wrong) knows when it has focus or not.  This would then 
:probably involve another X atom (or property) to tell which aterm had
:focus so that it could re-mask the window.

Sure it does, it gets a FocusOut event, sent by the WM.

And typed about "Re: transparent aterm"
:Enzo Marinari <> writes:
:> I compiled aterm 3.4 on Digital Unix. It compiled fine after 
:> standard ./configure, with no problems. When I start it (not under
:> Afterstep, but under the standard Digital Unix WM) as soon as I move it on
:> the screen it crashes with a silent Segmentation fault core dump. This
:> happens both if I start it with -tr and if I do not (but I understand this
:> is the default, so no surprise here). 
:All of the pseudo-trans terms require that the root window background
:setting program define a property in X.  The Enlightenment WM started
:this, and because of how cool it was Sasha added it to AfterStep's
:pager.  Originally, Eterm came bundled with an Esetroot that could be
:used for a generic image loader that would set the properties

No, the only purpose of the Xatom is to tell the term that the background
has _changed_.  You have to consider the whole method of how transparency
is achieved.  The term goes out and finds it parent window (and its
parent, etc.).  Then it does something evil.  It changes properties of
windows that it didn't create and has no business messing with.  However,
rather than continually trying to find out x many times per second whether
the pixmap of the root window has modified, it relies on the parent (WM)
to announce via an Xatom.  Of course, since it's fiddled with other program's
windows, the term has to cope with the other program doing whatever it
wants with those windows - and at the moment only handles the most likely
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