some bugs in v 1.7.75
Tue, 23 Mar 1999 17:35:17 -0600 (CST)


I have a button on my title bars which is supposed to expand any window to
full screen. I have my wharf horizontal at the top of my screen. When I
click the fullscreen button the window expands the the size of full screen
but uses the botton of wharf as the top of the screen. In previous
versions this worked correctly.

I can't drag a window above the bottom of the wharf either.

I also use the look.Nextish which is supposed to give gray title bars to
nonfocused windows but gives turqouise instead. In the MyStyle
"gray1_gradient_colors" the BackGradient colors are #a0a2a1 #606261 and AS
interprets them as #00a2a1 #006261 which give a turquoise gradient so it
is dropping the r of rgb.

I also use autoraise but the window in focus doesn't always autoraise. If
you focus another window and then go back it will autoraise.

I think this isn't the developers list but 1.7.75 was announced here so I
post here. If there is a better place or I can give more details then let
me know.

::::: Gene Imes :::::