Missing sounds?

Tyrin Price (tyrin@oakharbor.net)
Tue, 23 Mar 1999 19:34:42 -0800


Just moved into the Linux world from OS/2 Warp by installing RH5.2 and
tried for weeks to get Gnome working to no avail and so decided to do
a fresh RH5.2 install with AfterStep as my only Window Manager (from
the AfterStep-1.6.10-1.i386.rpm).

I figured out how to configure my start menu and have been having a
blast learning the ins-n-outs of AfterStep.  The only problem I am
having is with missing au files.  I get sound when I click the audio
module but the sounds didn't seem quite right (sometimes I hear
several beeps in succession) so I fired up X with startx redirecting
output to a file and found that I am missing some sound files, such
as... /usr/local/share/afterstep/desktop/sounds/huh.au and

I only have bong.au, cowbell.au, drip.au, meepmeep.au, clink.au,
crash.au, gong.au, and train.au for my audio files.  Are the default
sound files downloaded separately and, if so, where do I get them?

Regards and TIA,

-=[Ty]=-  dTinkrer

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