Help Balloons

Greg Anderson (
Fri, 26 Mar 1999 00:37:57 -0500


The pager has help balloons, it would be wonderful if the title 
bars, buttons, window frame corners and bottom bar could have
help balloons attached to them. The help balloons should be 
easily toggled on and off.  

Since all the above window areas can have multiple key and mouse 
buttons bound to them and their actions, it would be extremely
helpful to have configurable help balloons on all these areas.

No one wants to read and memorize the feel files to see what
is available to make a desktop theme a more useful one.  People
like to just click and see what happens.  But since all of the
window areas are so configurable, even the theme creator can
forget what awesome time saving action "Mouse button 3 on Title
bar" does.  And if you don't know about it, you won't use it.
Actually the default for Mouse button 3 is merely to RaiseLower
the window, so don't get too excited by my example. Please do
get excited about the thought of thousands of people creating
functional themes who's functionality can easily be expressed
to thousands of new users.  

How hard would this be to implement?  Could the balloon code
from the pager be used and modified for this purpose?


Greg Anderson