Greg Anderson (
Fri, 26 Mar 1999 01:05:33 -0500

I find the pager an awesome tool.  More useful to me then the Wharf.
I have set mine up to have 5 4x4 desk tops.  I load apps that I use
all the time in different desktops and just click from desktop to
desktop depending on what I need to do.... mail, news group, sys
admin., Web, TclTK development, Tkman help.  By having so many of them,
each desktop can have open apps displayed in an uncluttered environment.
I set my pager balloon font to size 18 so I can quickly find an app just
by passing my mouse over the pager windows.


What kind of memory and video memory limits are imposed by the pager.
At what point does having multiple desktops sap resources?  I have a
4 meg video card.  Does that limit the pager or does the pager use
main memory for video?  I have opened dozens of apps in different 
windows and the only penalty seems to be a longer delay when I make
a change in a feel file and reload it.

Is there anyway to bind a key to the pager to make it raise to the 
foreground.  If you have read my previous post on key binding, you 
will see I have reached an impasse on this subject.  Although, I now 
have a far better idea of what is involved.  I have purposely removed
StaysOnTop from the pager and Wharf to allow better use of my screen
area. I removed the Winlist.  Never liked it much in Windoze and find
it useless in a pager environment.  Basically I feel that the pager, 
Wharf and Menus should pop up when you want them, stick when you want 
them too and cleanly go away when your not using them.  Menus do this, 
it would be great if the pager and Wharf had the same functionality.


Greg Anderson