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cajun (
Fri, 26 Mar 1999 02:18:44 -0800

Steve, there was one more example intended to include.  The background I
use for one of my desktops is 691x1024 and is 64400 bytes.  Afterstep
tiles this with two images to fully fill my 1280x1024 display.

Hope this helps !


cajun wrote:
> Well Steve, I'll try to help here.  YMMV as I'm somewhat of a newbie.
> My backgrounds probably aren't cool as they are pictures of babes.  Oh
> well, we can all be cool.
> Now, I believe that your 64x64 images are MUCH too small to be
> 'expanded' to fill your desktop without looking like crap.  You need to
> start with an image that's much larger.  The images in your /backgrounds
> directory that are of a size of ~130 bytes or so are tiled to fill the
> screen to form the background.  Now if you wanted a picture of a
> spaceship well say (yuck), then you'd need to start out with something
> that fills a good portion of your screen to start with.  Then with xv,
> you could probably scale the picture up to where it would fill the
> screen and still look reasonable, or even have a border around it.
> As for the directory structure, I can say that if you're running RH,
> that may be your problem as RH has 'enhanced' the way AS runs.
> Yes aterm can be as transparent as any other terminal program that I'm
> aware of.  Now I understand that it's not REALLY transparent, but it
> just seems that way.  Here's the command line I run in my wharf for a
> transparent aterm:
>   *Wharf T-aterm linux-penguin.xpm Exec "-" aterm -fn 7x14bold -fg white
> -tr &
> Again, I'm somewhat of a newbie, so I hope that I've understood your
> questions and informed you correctly.
> Mike
> Steve Ki-Won Lee wrote:
> >
> > Hello,
> >
> > If the answer to my question is in the FAQ, then can someone please kindly
> > tell me so and I'll go look, but if not, then I'd appreciate any help.
> >
> > When checking out some of the screenshots of some of the fellow ASers, I
> > noticed that they'll have one big image, be it some cool shot of a planet
> > or a terrain as just one big pic as the background and can someone please
> > tell me how they were able to achieve that?
> >
> > I tried to use xv to increase the size of the pic I have which is both in
> > jpg and xpm of size 64x64 and when I try to increase the size so that it
> > becomes big enough to fill my screen, it becomes all grainy and ugly.
> >
> > As well, I'm only using AfterStep-1.5 and AfterStep-APPS-1.5 but I'd like
> > to upgrade once the term's over and have more time to the most recent
> > release and has the dir structures been changed since 1.5?  Are things
> > still in the /usr/share/afterstep/<whatever>?  As well, can aterm act as
> > or truly be transparent?  If so, can someone please tell me or direct me
> > to the right place to learn how to achieve that as well?  Thank you very
> > much in advance.
> >
> > With Best,
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> > Steve
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