RE: Setting Backgrounds & aterm

Dave LaMothe (
Fri, 26 Mar 1999 05:00:54 -0500 (EST)

On 26-Mar-99 Steve Ki-Won Lee wrote:
> Hello,
> If the answer to my question is in the FAQ, then can someone please kindly
> tell me so and I'll go look, but if not, then I'd appreciate any help.
> When checking out some of the screenshots of some of the fellow ASers, I
> noticed that they'll have one big image, be it some cool shot of a planet
> or a terrain as just one big pic as the background and can someone please
> tell me how they were able to achieve that?

Lots of cool backgrounds at
Many links there too.

> I tried to use xv to increase the size of the pic I have which is both in
> jpg and xpm of size 64x64 and when I try to increase the size so that it
> becomes big enough to fill my screen, it becomes all grainy and ugly.

All the pics at digitalblasphemy are available in most screen sizes.

> As well, I'm only using AfterStep-1.5 and AfterStep-APPS-1.5 but I'd like
> to upgrade once the term's over and have more time to the most recent
> release and has the dir structures been changed since 1.5?  Are things
> still in the /usr/share/afterstep/<whatever>?  

I'd upgrade to at least 1.7.49. It has transparent shaded title bars, menus,
and all sorts of other goodies. At lot of the config stuff has changed. If
you're using RedHat and want an RPM, the latest is 1.6.6 (I think) and that
doesn't have the shaded menus etc. Anyway compiling it is a no-brainer.

>As well, can aterm act as
> or truly be transparent?  If so, can someone please tell me or direct me
> to the right place to learn how to achieve that as well?  Thank you very
> much in advance.

I'm using aterm 0.3.3 Yes it has transparency and shading and tinting and
optional vertical title bar etc etc. very cool. The switch -tr gets you
transparency, -sh n (where n is 0-100) gets shading, and so on. It has a man
page. Don't think there's an RPM for this version yet (??). Aparently this
compiles on many flavours of Unix. On Linux it's a piece of cake.