Re: Menu bar and ssh

Tomas Duewiger (
03 Mar 1999 19:08:23 +0100

Rick Giguere <> writes:

> Howdy ...
> I'm using aterm to invoke SSH.  I use -t to pass along to aterm the name
> of the host I'm working with, and it appears in the title bar on aterm
> just fine.
> For some reason my "menubar" at the top of the screen isn't getting the
> information - it always just says "ssh".
> At work I have many ssh sessions running at once, and it'd be really nice
> if the -t from aterm was passed along to the "menubar".
> Am I missing something here in making this happen??

The winlist (menubar at the top) is diplaying the icon names so an 
aterm -T Host -n Host 
should work if I understood you correct.


Tomas Duewiger