Re: Compilation and execution problem

David Mihm (
Fri, 26 Mar 1999 12:24:47 -0600 (CST)

On Thu, 25 Mar 1999, Derick Wong wrote:

! Hi,
! I'm a newbie to AfterStep. I encounter problems compiling the Script 
! program in src/Script directory. The rest of the source compiles 
! successfully. I attach the error messages below :

[snip Script compilation error]

	I don't know why Script is not compiling for you, I'd suggest
using ./configure --disable-Script , you won't miss it imo.

! I also face problem running AfterStep. Even though I changed the 
! execution path from the default /usr/local/bin to $HOME/afterstep, the 
! changes was not reflected when I execute AfterStep. It indicates the 
! file /usr/local/share/afterstep/base.8bpp was not found.
! I used "configure --prefix=$HOME/afterstep" to change the default 
! execution path. When I checked the configure.h file, the new path is 
! indicated there. Can someone show me where I went wrong?

	The README has been modified a bit due to this confusion, it now

If you can't become root, you will have to change systems-wide 
installation paths to someplace from your PATH where you have permisson to
write by using the appropriate paths to the following ./configure options.

  --prefix=PRE            install architecture-independent files in PRE
  --bindir=DIR            user executables in DIR [PRE/bin]
  --datadir=DIR           read-only architecture-independent data in DIR
  --mandir=DIR            man documentation in DIR [PRE/man]

Make sure these directories exist before you start the configure,
otherwise you'll have one file called bin, one called man, etc. :)  Begin
the build process and monitor the output of the above commands for
possible error messages!!!
[... end]

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