some stuffs changes

tildouf (
Sat, 27 Mar 1999 14:46:49 +0100

I use the last devel version of AS with the last patches. (1 to 8)

a) Changes in icons.c: (patch 06 from allanon i think.

the new code doesn't work fine for me: i use IconBox -64 10 -1 -1
and i use a lot of pixmap icon with different size.

They are not on the same vertical line, and if some of them are greater
64, they move to 0x0.

Why not: begin from the right side and go to the left. All icons will be

on the same right vertical line. At the moment, i have to set IconBox
-150 10 -1 -1
and icons are on the same vertical line on the left (-150).

It is not a nice result (for me).

b) WinList

I don't know why, but when i close all the window, and re open one, and
close it
(no windows) and re open one, and close it (etc ...), WinList move "up",
and WinList Hide
too (not at the same place). I use WinList geometry +150 +1, and +150 +1
for "hidden" WinList.

c) WinList and mini pixmaps: new feature, a good idea ?

In database, with pixmap icon, it would be great to have a mini pixmap
which would be parse by WinList, to associate a name with a pixmap, and
display it
in WinList.

Good idea ?

Thanks for the devel team, they do a very nice work for us.