New install prob.

Mitchell Ullman (
Sat, 27 Mar 1999 19:51:53 -0500

I just got the rpms for as 1.6.10 and I have been having a bit of
trouble.  At first, I just could not get as to run.  Then, I figured out
that rh wants the "new" path for as.  So, I put the path in .xinitrc and
viola!  It runs!  But, apparently, there are other path discretions:
I cannot get any background.  When I startx, the grainy screen stays as
AS starts.  I can't even get the pictures selection from the menu to
work.  I have also tried to edit my menu and wharf, autoexec in the
home/GNUstep/Library/afterstep dir, but none of the changes I have made
make a diff.  Do I have to make my personal settings the global
settings, I hope not, as I do have more than one user that may want
things diff.