Re: Quick Question (I hope)

D Bailey (
Sun, 28 Mar 1999 19:31:00 +1000

i didnt mean it only worked on just redhat i was explianing what rpm ment
and as far as i know you have to get the rpm prog and install it on
slackware as i think slackware doesnt come with it

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Date: Sunday, 28 March 1999 7:06
Subject: Re: Quick Question (I hope)

>On Sun, 28 Mar 1999, D Bailey wrote:
>> Anyone that is not rpm , as rpm is redhats package manager
>> Oddysey
>This is not true.  RPMs work on other systems as well.  I'm not sure if
>Slackware supports it, but if you have rpm software stock with your
>system, I imagine you can use them.  MAke sure that you get one that suits
>your processor type and OS type (linux, unix, etc).
>Debian and SuSE handle rpms very it isn't just for redhat
>anymore.  I would still recommend installing form source, because it tends
>to do a better job IMHO (even on pure redhat systems).
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