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Doug Alcorn (
28 Mar 1999 07:39:25 -0500

Julian Catchen <> writes:

> On 27-Mar-99 J Mosier wrote:
> > After hearing so many of you praise aterm, I've looked
> > for it in the usual places: sunsite,, redhat
> > (which I use...).  
> > Could someone point me to a download site?
> will give you some great links...on that
> page it will tell you to goto Sasha's homepage (as he is the deveoper of aterm):

I think the "official" site for aterm is:

Just as an aside, I think even Sasha would not want any misconceptions 
here.  He did not develop aterm from scratch.  It is a fork of the
rxvt code.  What Sasha did (and bless his coding soul) is to provide
pseudo-transpearancy that works fast and lean.  The proper term to
describe Sasha's relationship to aterm is that he is the current
maintainer of aterm.  There are dozens of developers for aterm.

On the other hand, one might say that Sasha is the developer of
Pager.  While Pager existed before Sasha came along, he has rewritten
most of the code into one lean multi-image-format-loading machine.

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