Mon, 29 Mar 1999 08:45:30 -0600


>What kind of memory and video memory limits are imposed by the pager.
>At what point does having multiple desktops sap resources?  I have a
>4 meg video card.  Does that limit the pager or does the pager use
>main memory for video?  I have opened dozens of apps in different
>windows and the only penalty seems to be a longer delay when I make
>a change in a feel file and reload it.

Pager store all pixmaps in the main memory - in X memory.
If you use full screen backgrounds - it will use approximately 2 MB per
background ( 1024x768 )
That's probably the biggest part of resource utilization by Pager.
So without background images Pager can be used with upto 10000 desks :) and
the number
of pages on desk can be maxed to 65535/<your_screen_size>.
Amount of memory used for each desk's information is about 60 bytes

>Is there anyway to bind a key to the pager to make it raise to the
>foreground.  If you have read my previous post on key binding, you
>will see I have reached an impasse on this subject.  Although, I now
>have a far better idea of what is involved.  I have purposely removed
>StaysOnTop from the pager and Wharf to allow better use of my screen
>area. I removed the Winlist.  Never liked it much in Windoze and find
>it useless in a pager environment.  Basically I feel that the pager,
>Wharf and Menus should pop up when you want them, stick when you want
>them too and cleanly go away when your not using them.  Menus do this,
>it would be great if the pager and Wharf had the same functionality.

Hmm, autohide feature ?
I don't think I want to implement this - Rafal did it to WinList and that
made it much
more complex and harder to make bugfree then it was before - I don't want
to do
same thing to Pager.
Assigning key to autorise would be something for Ethan to consider as
addition to database's
Style option.

>Greg Anderson