Re: updating startmenu

David Taylor (
Thu, 04 Mar 1999 15:25:03 +1100

Rex wrote:
> ! Also, I'm running AfterStep 1.6.10, under FreeBSD, 
> ! and my startmenu entries aren't being sorted by filename, 
> ! in fact, I'm not really sure how they're being sorted...


> weird, it's already set to 1 ... 

Changing StartMenuSortMode 0 to 1 should do it ... However, there is
another factor affecting the sorting that nobody seems to mention when
others ask about it ... Maybe this is a bug/feature that nobody else has

I think your problem is that some of the directories and some of the
files have different "permissions".  I noticed that items with different
permissions would appear out of order (or, "of order out" as is the
case).  That is, files with a lower umask than their ordered brethren
will appear at the beginning, and files with a higher umask will appear
at the end.  Thus, out of order.

So, all you have to do is ensure that you have uniform permissions
assigned to items of the same type.  I think this is what David Mihm is
hinting at with the find and xargs and touch thingy.


David Taylor (aka KnetRider on ICQ)